The “One Story that Leads to Jesus” plan designed by BibleProject aims to present the Bible as a cohesive narrative leading to Jesus Christ. Here are some reasons why someone might choose this specific reading plan:

This study is accessible for individuals who have difficulty reading or pronouncing challenging words found in the Bible, allowing them to either read or listen to the material.

Narrative Coherence: The plan emphasizes the Bible as a unified story rather than a collection of disconnected texts. It highlights how various books, themes, and narratives in the Bible converge to reveal Jesus Christ as a central figure.

Engaging Visuals: The incorporation of over 150 animated videos by BibleProject makes the reading experience more engaging and visually stimulating. These videos provide additional context, explanations, and insights into the literary design of the Bible, making it more accessible and understandable.

Understanding Jesus’ Role: The plan aims to help readers understand how various stories, prophecies, and teachings throughout the Bible point toward and find fulfillment in Jesus Christ. It illuminates how the Old Testament anticipates the coming of Jesus and how the New Testament fulfills these expectations.

Comprehensive Approach: By reading the entire Bible in a year with this plan, individuals get a comprehensive overview of the entire biblical narrative. This approach can deepen their understanding of the Bible’s overarching themes, messages, and connections between different books.

Spiritual Growth and Connection: For many believers, discovering Jesus’ presence throughout the Bible can deepen their faith and spiritual connection. This reading plan provides a structured and guided approach for individuals to experience this journey.

Community Engagement: Some individuals might opt for this plan to engage with a community that follows the same reading schedule. Sharing insights, discussing animated videos, and exploring the narrative together can foster a sense of community and shared learning.

Educational and Inspirational: The plan is designed to be educational and inspirational. It helps readers see the Bible’s literary artistry, encouraging a deeper appreciation for its content and context.

Ultimately, choosing this specific reading plan offers a guided and comprehensive approach to understanding the Bible’s narrative flow while highlighting the significance of Jesus Christ within that narrative.

Our first meeting is Dec 31st after church in the Family Room. This year, we will set everyone up with their smartphone for a powerful way to read, watch, and listen to the Bible.