Hello family,

I pray that you have seen Jesus move so that you can do nothing but declare His name to anyone who will listen. Many times, all we have to do to see this is slow down. Have you ever gone on an evening drive during December to look at Christmas Lights?

Do you drive at average speed when looking at the lights or slow down for a better look? If you are like Carah and me, we always slow down so the family can get a better look. The word says to do all things with thanksgiving. To see everything in my life, I should be thankful for, I must slow down.

In John 15, we see a word we do not use in modern life. The word is “Abide.” I pulled out my 1828 Websters dictionary and learned the word has depth. The definition is “To be,” “To exist,” “To continue,” “To rest,” and “To dwell.” I am sharing this with you today because it is the title of my next sermon series. This Sunday, I will start a 7-week series titled “Abide”.

The title came from an interesting occurrence this past summer when I got to work and found a book on my desk. Andrew Murray wrote the book, and the title is Abiding in Christ. Andrew is the same author of a small book we read in the tent titled.”Humility”

This book was left on my desk by Mike Gaisford. The day I found it, there was a note saying it was for some excellent summer reading. Now, coming to my desk and finding things to read happens 3-4 times a week. This time was like many as I came in filled with a to-do list a mile long, and the book got a glance and placed on my side desk.

Weeks passed before I saw it in the corner of my side desk, lonely and neglected. By mid-summer, I finally picked it up to find it was a daily devotional. This small book carried with it a significant impact each day.

This Sunday, not only will we start a 7-week sermon series titled Abide, but Carah and I purchased enough books for each family at Vine & Branch. It is our prayer that families will read it. That husbands and wives will read and abide together. Members of the church who are single will recognize how much Jesus loves them as they abide each day in this devotional.

I look forward to God using this little book to impact our church so we can impact our community. See you Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

In Him,
Pastor Chris