What keeps you from reaching out and serving at Vine & Branch? Could it be fear? Maybe church hurt? Could it be due to the amount of hours you put in at work? It may be as simple as not knowing where you can serve.

My life of following Jesus has included all of the reasons why I have sometimes not served. The times I was afraid were many and still happen to this day. Long before I ever took the job of Pastor, I would get the hard calls when people would experience a sudden death in their lives, and they would ask me to come over. The fear in me in those moments was so overwhelming I felt paralyzed. All I could do was beg the Lord for help.

One shortfall in my life is that I do not know how to do anything 90-100 percent. My brain says everything I do needs 120 percent, and this causes an issue with time management. As far as church hurt goes, I have been on both sides of the hurt. I have been hurt, and I have hurt others. I can tell you that hurting others is way more painful than the times I was hurt. In one of his books, Paul Tripp writes that we are sinners serving with sinners and asks if we think the outcome of hurt could be different. Once I understood his point, the times I was hurt became distant in my memory.

I am writing today about serving the church because of the fantastic growth at Vine & Branch Fellowship. We find ourselves where we need the help of those not serving so we can continue to grow. Service is such a powerful tool that the Lord provides for us. I have always received far more than I ever gave away when I served my church.

The things I got from giving my time or money are genuinely incredible. I gave my time and got deep friendships that have outlasted church and job changes. I served with people who drove me crazy, only to fall in love with their hearts once walls were broken down.

We can never outgive God! All the time I have served others, the Lord has poured His blessings into my life. God is moving in significant ways at Vine & Branch. Jesus is changing lives, and we get to witness it all. I hope you find a way to get plugged in this Sunday and be amazed at how God uses His people.

One truth that was spoken into my life as a follower of Jesus is this simple truth, “service is never convenient.” You will feel ill-equipped, and the truth is we are all ill-equipped, but Jesus did it all on the cross, and He will give you everything you need to get the job done if you commit to serving Him. Please remember you are chosen and a new creation thanks to Jesus. See you on Sunday at 9:30.

In Him,
Pastor Chris